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Pmá Rareza

Panama Fish Mola

Panama Fish Mola

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This Panama Mola has been 100% made by hand or hand-stitched by our amazing Guna Women in Panama.

This handmade piece of art is a reflection of what Guna Women are surrounded by in their Guna Yala environment and nature.

Size: 17¨x 18"

Layers: 2

If you would like to have this or a similar mola custom-made, please let us know.

We are sure we will be able to fulfill your needs regarding this beautiful work of art from Panama.

This beautiful Panama Fish Mola is ready to ship.


  • 100% Polyester

Shipping & Returns

Give us 2-5 days to process your your Panama Flag Word Sticker.

Shipping takes between 2-3 days.


20" L x 12" H

Care Instructions

  • Machine-washable case
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