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Panama Hibiscus Flowers Mola

Panama Hibiscus Flowers Mola

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Hibiscus plays a huge part in Panama's cultural history as it is a part of our beautiful flora. Used in almost every artistic piece of the Guna Women of Panama, we wanted to pay tribute to this beloved flower.

This Hibiscus Mola is clean and minimalistic yet with the stitching details we love in a Panama Mola. 

A unique piece to decorate your spaces and provide the vibrant energy of the Panama Culture.

  • Ready to ship
  • Size: 18" L x 14.5" W / 45.7 cms x 36.8 cms

If you would like a custom-made mola made in Panama please do not hesitate to contact us. We will very happy to work with you in doing this.


  • 100% Polyester

Shipping & Returns

Give us 2-5 days to process your your Panama Flag Word Sticker.

Shipping takes between 2-3 days.


20" L x 12" H

Care Instructions

  • Machine-washable case
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